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Why Choose Auto Go?
Missouri State Motor Vehicle Inspections
   Auto Go is certified by the Missouri State Highway Patrol to perform state required vehicle safety inspections.  We have four licensed inspectors on staff and that means that unless there are people here before you, there is usually no wait.  Due to the nature of the inspection process, we do not take appointments for inspections.  They are done on a first-come-first-serve basis.  We can do inspections on motorcycles and RVs too!

   Your vehicle may need a safety inspection for the following reasons:
You have just purchased a used vehicle
You are bringing a vehicle in from out of state
Your vehicle tags are about to expire and you need to renew
Vehicles newer than 5 years old do not require an inspection but may require an "ID/OD" verification if you have just purchased the vehicle or are bringing it in from out of state.  Auto Go provides ID/OD verifications and trailer verifications as well.   Most inspections are good for two years.  Odd model year vehicles get inspected on odd years and even model years get inspected on even years.  The exception to this rule would be for the conditions above.  For more information or questions on this topic, please contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles.
     While it would be extremely time consuming to list EVERYTHING that is checked during a safety inspection, here are SOME of the things that we most commonly find that cause vehicles to fail the inspection:
Windshield cracks or breakage
Exhaust leakage, missing or damaged exhaust components
Loose, worn or damaged steering and/or suspension components
Worn, damaged or leaking brake system components
Severely worn tires, mismatched tires, missing lug nuts
Horn Inoperative
Windshield wipers inoperative, wiper blades worn/damaged
Exterior lights burned out, lenses cracked or broken
These are NOT the only things that are checked during a safety inspection.  For more information please visit the Missouri State Highway Patrol Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations here.

     The average inspection will take approximately 20 minutes.  Some take a bit longer, but it will take at least 20 minutes provided there is noone in line before you.